Room Sprays and Atomisers


Although called a Room Spray, this item is perfect for lounge, bedroom, car or just about anywhere you may want to be able to take in your favourite fragrance at any time. Use it on the carpets, settee, bed linen or the car mats. Freshen up just about any surface. Available in 50ml or 100ml bottles and all fragrances listed, this comes with either a black or silver cap.

These Atomisers, like the room sprays, can be used in a multitude of places. A light spray on the car seats or car mats can enhance the matching air freshener or camouflage that not too pleasant odour. Perfect to be kept in a handbag or glove box of the car, they come in 6 beautiful colours and can be purchased in any of our 55 fragrances. They can also be added to one of our high-quality Car Air Fresheners to make a perfect gift set, maybe for the newly qualified driver or vehicle that’s used for a multitude of tasks.

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